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Water Park Regulations

For the Alpamare operated by the Alpabob GmbH & Co. KG, Bad Tölz, as from
January 2008.

Paragraph 1: Use of the Baths

  1. Every bather who has acquired an entrance ticket is subject to these bathing regulations or any other orders regarding adherence to operational safety, as soon as he or she enters the premises. The regulations aim to preserve safety, public order and cleanliness in the baths and thus benefit all bathers.  Every visitor to the Alpamare should be able to enjoy him- or herself without risk. If clubs or private parties use the Alpamare, the leader of such a group is co-responsible for the compliance of his members with these regulations.
  2. All persons may use the Alpamare.
  3. Children who are less than 12 years old may visit the baths only if accompanied by an adult.
    The adults are obliged actively to supervise children under their care throughout their whole stay in the baths. The Alpamare pool attendants cannot permanently supervise the children. If several adults accompany the children, it will be up to them to decide on who is responsible for the children at which stage!
  4. Children who are less than 3 years old may not bathe in the pools for reasons of hygiene and because of possible adverse effects upon them due to the thermal water, with the exception of the wave and music pools.
    Swimming nappies are available free of charge in the baby-care rooms.
  5. The following persons cannot be admitted: people with infectious diseases or those which could cause offence, open wounds, skin rashes or such people whose free will is impaired. Other sick people may be refused entry. The same rule will apply to those people whose behaviour indicates that their presence might interfere with the orderly running of the baths.
  6. Sick people should consult their doctor about the advisability of visiting the baths. The bathing staff cannot make binding decisions about the effect certain facilities (sauna, solarium and others) could have on the health of a sick person.
  7. The iodine brine pool is a quiet zone and may be used by children only if accompanied by a responsible adult. School classes may not visit the iodine brine pool.

Paragraph 2: Entrance

  1. The price for entrance to the baths may be established by consulting the notice board in the foyer. An entrance coin is to be acquired according to this price list.
  2. The entrance coins are valid only on the day of issue.
  3. Once-only as well as multiple entrance tickets must be carefully kept to be presented at the cashier’s desk for time-checking when leaving the baths. Should the entrance coin be lost, adults will have to pay 35 euros and children 15 euros.
  4. Tickets issued will not be taken back. There will be no compensation for tickets that have not been used to the full.

Paragraph 3: Hours of Operation

  1. The hours of operation will be announced by the Alpabob GmbH & Co. KG by public notice displayed in the baths.
    If certain areas of the baths or attractions are closed, due, for example, to a technical defect or for safety reasons, this will not result in the bather’s being able to claim a reduction of the entrance fee.

Paragraph 4: Bathing Time

  1. The bathing time is 4 hours with the 4 hour ticket or till the end of the daily operation with the whole-day or evening ticket. The bathing time begins from the moment the entrance ticket has been acquired or in the case of multiple entrance tickets from the moment the checkpoint at the entrance has been passed and ends when the checkpoint is passed at the exit.
  2. If the bather has exceeded the time paid for, an additional payment, as stated on the information board at the entrance, will be levied.
  3. The swimming pools and other facilities must be vacated at the latest 15 minutes before the end of the operational time, regardless of when the ticket was bought.
  4. All bathers must have left the Alpamare punctually at the end of the operational period, i.e. at 10 p.m. If a visitor does not leave the baths in time, the Alpamare will basically be legally entitled to require him or her to pay the entrance fee one more time, as the operator may be obliged to pay the supervisory staff overtime.

Paragraph 5: Correct Behaviour in the Baths

  1. Every bather should behave in a decent and civilized manner and not in such a way as to interfere with the smooth operation of the baths. The Alpamare is a bathing establishment for families and children and therefore guests are not allowed to wear indecent bathing costumes or G-strings. Tattoos that might cause offence are to be covered up during the visit.
  2. The visitor is liable for any damage or pollution he or she may cause. If the bather is responsible for the dirtying of any facility, a fee for appropriate cleaning measures will be levied, which must be settled immediately at the cashier’s desk. With the exception of the changing area, outdoor clothes may not be worn on the premises.
  3. The steps leading to the baths may be ascended only barefoot or in bathing shoes. Normal shoes can be worn to go up to the cashier’s desk at the exit.
  4. The bather must take a thorough shower and clean himself or herself with soap before swimming. Please do not use the showers for more than ten minutes so that everyone can take his or her turn.
  5. The spray for foot disinfection should be used extensively before and after bathing.
  6. Guests with shoulder-length hair are required to wear bathing caps in the thermal indoor pool (32° C). This rule does not apply to the other pools and facilities.
  7. All persons with shoulder-length hair who wish to dive in the pools must wear bathing caps, except in the wave pool, as there is a risk of long hair getting stuck in under-water railings (danger of drowning).
  8. Jumping into the pools is not allowed owing to the possibility of an accident and because it might irritate other bathers.
    This also applies to the cold pools in the saunas.
  9. The use of diving goggles, snorkels, flippers, balls (only light balls, no tennis or similar balls which could injure people), rings, little boats, inflatable animals, etc. are permitted only in the wave pool and the large music pool.
  10. The easy chairs and loungers on the lawns and indoors are available to all bathers free of charge. Therefore it is not permitted to reserve them for a longer period of time, for example by placing bathing or hand towels on them.
  11. Individual changing cubicles may be used only by bathers with adult tickets.
  12. Smoking is not permitted in the Alpamare except in the garden.
  13. Some parts of the Alpamare have been designated quiet areas – the thermal indoor pool, lounger gallery, solarium and sauna – and it is expected that bathers will behave accordingly. Please avoid loud conversation and please do not talk at all in the saunas.
  14. The following rules apply to the saunas:
    • The basins for warming the feet are not meant for cleaning the feet.
    • Please cleanse your body of sweat before using the dipping pool.
    • Please place a towel under body and feet when using the sauna.
    • The pouring of water on to the kiln may be effected only by the staff.
       We can accept no responsibility for misconduct in this respect by bathers.
       It is strictly forbidden to pour essences with an intense smell or
       inflammable ethereal oils on to the kiln in the sauna.
       Please be advised that a violation of this regulation is extremely dangerous
       for your own safety and the lives of your fellow bathers, as such substances
       can catch fire on the kiln and set the sauna ablaze.
    • Children younger than 16 may visit the sauna only if accompanied by
       an adult.
  15. Bathers may not enter any technical or other operational area reserved for staff. Such areas bear the sign "Kein Zutritt", i.e. "No Entry". The Alpamare accepts no liability for bathers who suffer injury in such areas. It is also forbidden to manipulate any fittings that are located in the public bathing areas but not intended for the direct use of the bather. Here also, no liability will be accepted for any injury caused. Please take note that the unauthorized operation of such apparatus my lead to far-reaching claims of liability and to legal proceedings on account of damage to property.
  16. If the temperature falls below freezing point, black ice may form in the outdoor areas and the access paths to the outdoor pools. Bathers must be extremely careful when entering such areas in these circumstances, so that they do not slip on the ice.
  17. Diving into all pools is forbidden.

Paragraph 6: Supervision

  1. 1. The pool attendants are responsible for the maintenance of safety, peace and quiet, public order and for the bathers’ adherence to these regulations. Any instructions issued by pool attendants must immediately be obeyed in full.
  2. Pool attendants are authorized to remove the following persons from the baths: those who
    a) are a danger for safety, quiet and order,
    b) are an annoyance to other bathers,
    c) have caused damage,
    d) persist in violating the bathing regulations despite having been warned,
    e) and those whose free will is impaired, for example due to alcohol or
        drug abuse.
    A charge for breach of domestic peace will be brought against such persons that offer resistance.
  3. Those persons mentioned in clause 2 may be denied access to the baths for a certain period of time or permanently. Such a ban from the premises will first be pronounced orally by a pool attendant and subsequently in writing by the management. In order to ensure that the ban is adhered to, the pool attendant is authorized to take a photo of the person who has been banned. The photo will be deposited at the cashier’s desk at the entrance as an identification aid.
  4. The entrance fee will not be refunded if you have been asked to leave the baths according to the above clauses.

Paragraph 7: Liability

  1. The Alpabob GmbH & Co. KG will be responsible for accidents only if it can be proven that it is at fault.  Bathers use the baths at their own risk.
    The Alpabob GmbH & Co. KG or their agents are only liable in the case of intent  – except for injury pertaining to life, body and health. This applies also to vehicles that have been parked in the baths’ car park. Acts of God, chance or defects that occur despite the adherence by the operator to the care and attention usual in his business and that he cannot normally have recognized will not entail liability on the part of the Alpabob GmbH & Co. KG.
  2. If valuables that have been properly handed in for safekeeping are lost, liability is limited to a proven maximum sum of 250 euros. The operator will be liable only in the case of intent or gross negligence.
  3. No liability can be accepted for money or other valuables that were not locked into the safe deposit lockers nor for the loss of or damage to clothing including bathing costumes. The provision of a locker for clothing does not establish an obligation for the safe keeping of such articles. It is duty of the bather who uses clothing or safe deposit lockers in particular to lock them, to check whether the lock is functioning flawlessly and to keep the key or other locking device in safe custody. Liability will also not apply to the handing over of lost property to a person other than the owner.
  4. In the case of damage or accident, the pool attendant must be informed immediately of the exact circumstances. If this is not done, any claims for compensation will be null and void. The pool attendant must draw up a written report of the incident.
  5. Parents are responsible for their children. Children must be supervised.

Paragraph 8: Lost Property

  1. If guests find articles that have been lost on the premises of the Alpamare, they are required to deliver them to the cashier’s desk. If lost articles are not handed in, this amounts to the unlawful keeping of lost property. Lost property is dealt with in accordance with legal requirements.

Paragraph 9: Special Regulations

  1. Bicycles and animals may not be brought into the Alpamare. Prams may be taken into the baths after the wheels have been disinfected by our staff.
  2. A fee of 35 euros will be charged if a security key for an individual cubicle or locker is lost, so that a new key can be acquired.
  3. It is not permitted to tour the premises in everyday street clothing for reasons of hygiene.
  4. The taking of photographs and videos is not allowed. The Alpabob GmbH & Co. KG has the sole right to publish and distribute visual material.
  5. The use of articles made of glass, like bottles or drinking glasses, is not permitted on the premises of the Alpamare, as breakage could lead to injury.
  6. Babies’ nappies may be changed only in the baby-care rooms provided.
  7. Do not remain in the solarium for more than 15 minutes under the lights. Otherwise burns might be the result. Protect your eyes with the special glasses available free of charge.
  8. Food and drink guests have brought along may be consumed only in the picnic room.
  9. The use of the slides and surf run is at the bather’s own risk. Follow the instructions on the information boards exactly.
  10. No mobile phones may be used.

Stefan Anselm
Alpamare Managing Director